Card Readings are able to bring to the surface what is happening at the moment in one’s life, what has come before and a degree of future prophesy. This is complimented with practical suggestions for help. Clients may access specific information relating to relationships and personalities that can be complex and difficult, abuse, health concerns, stress and anxiety, finances, grief and the death of a loved one and life purpose.

The sessions are comforting and non-threatening in nature with an empathic approach.

Consultations are by appointment only and I am happy to give information on what to expect in a reading or a reiki therapy in the initial phone call. Readings may be recorded in their entirety – please bring your own device if you wish to do so.

To assist you on your life journey, you may receive messages from the Ascended Masters, Tarot, Gypsy and Angels and Archangels cards.


 Card Readings and Spiritual Guidance Times

All hours, by appointment only.

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